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Fake Moldavite 

Beware Of Fake Moldavite Gem Stones 

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In the world of gemstones, synthetic and imitation gems abound. Fake moldavite poses a different type of problem. The main reason is that like natural moldavite, fake moldative is also made from glass. However the glass with which fake moldavite gem stones are made from is not natural, it is mass produced in a factory. Typically an imitation gem stone would be a man made substitute that looks like the natural gem at least in terms of color. Within imitation gems you could have simple glass with the color of a natural gem, or you could have more sophisticated imitations that mimic the chemical properties of the natural gem. These sophisticated types of fakes are generally referred to as lab created and this term is added before the gem name. For example lab sapphire or lab created sapphire. It is quite easy to identify fake rubies and sapphires, a simple lab test can clear up those boderline cases that cannot be clarified through a 10x loupe.

The problem with identifying fake moldavite gems is that, the basic gem identification test cannot make a definite statement. Some gem experts might tell you that a fake moldavite gemstone is easy to spot as, the gem will not show the gas bubble inclusions that are present in natural moldavite stones. Others claim that the bottle green color of moldavite fakes is easy to spot. There was a time when people suggested that getting the rough moldavite and control the cutting process, is the best way to be assured of genuine (natural) moldavite.

Each of these suggestions worked during some point of time, but the changed scenario has made it more tough to identify fake moldavite gems from the natural ones. If you inspect a moldavite stone through a 10x loupe, you will notice air bubbles present in the stone. In the early days of fake moldavite production, the fake stone would not show these bubbles. However times have changed and the fraudsters who make these fakes, have learnt how to bring those gas bubbles to fake moldavite gems too. Coming to the color comparison of fake and natural moldavite stones, the scene has changed today. The earilier samples of fake moldavite that came to the attention of Directstones, had a bright green (bottle green) color. This was clearly differet from the rather darkish green of natural moldavite, so mere inspection could help identify the fake moldavite gem.

The suggestion to buy rough natural moldavite and strictly control the cutting process, seems like a solid protection against ending up with fake moldavite gemstones. The news as of now is not so encouraging, it is now clear that the manufacturers of fake moldavite are faking the stone right from the rough stone itself. What this means is that, the fake rough moldavite is made to look like natural moldavite rough! This does make it tougher to get a thorough confirmation of a moldavite gem stone being natural or just a cheap fake.

When buying a gem stone, one of the ways to ensure that you are getting an authentic gemstone is to get it lab tested. There are two types of lab tests available to test the authenticity of a gem stone. One of them is a basic test report. In the case of rubies, sapphire, tanzanite, garnet etc a basic test will prove whether the gem stone is natural or man made. But when it comes to testing gems like moldavite, the basic lab test report can only confirm that the gem stone is glass. Just keep in mind that even natural moldavite is a type of (natural) glass. So the basic lab report cannot confirm whether the glass that the moldavite is made from is natural or man made. What this means is that, the basic report cannot give a definite answer. Typically, the basic lab test report for a gem could cost around 25 U.S$ to 50 U.S$ per gemstone depending on which lab you use to test the gemstone. It is important to understand that we are talking about independent third party gem testing labs and NOT, inhouse company hired gem testers. The second type of lab report is the detailed report, this is more complicated and also more expensive. This report could cost as much as 75 U.S$ to 150 U.S$ per gemstone, depending on which lab you choose. However the detailed report can help you separate natural moldavite from fake moldavite, a sure identification of fake moldivate is therefore possible.  

Such lab tests to identify fake or artificial moldavite gems can be uneconomical for the final buyer. For example if you wanted to buy a 10x8mm oval moldavite gem with the assurance that, you are getting a natural moldavite gemstone. If you expect to get a lab certification to that effect, you would pay abut 45 U.S$ to 70 U.S$ for the gemstone and another 75 U.S$ for the lab testing. Something that does not make it worth it.

An option would be to work with a custom gem cutting provider. Such a source should control the process right from rough procurement to final cutting and polishing. The most important thing is that the rough needs to be lab tested with a detailed report to ensure that the rough moldavite stone is natural. Once this is done, the whole cutting operation should happen under the direct and strict supervision of the provider. When buying gems and jewelry, it is important to value the jeweler before you value the jewelry! This has always been true.

The above report has been compiled by the experts at Directstones. We do not claim that we are the only source for authentic gems and jewelry but, we do hope that the information we share will be useful in helping you make the right decision. Do write to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  

We custom cut all gems in the shape and size that you need. There is no minumum order requirement for value or quantity, even single gemstone orders are welcome. You can buy just the loose gemstones or request for a complete custom jewel to be crafted in gold or sterling silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours.


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